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When the dialysis start my blood pressure suddenly down to 90/50 and there is no thrill in fistula, and start blood clotting ,will you please suggest me any option for this problem. one more thing is some block is there is my arm's vein. my vascular surgeon told me that some operation has to do, but I don't want to do the operation please please suggest me an option

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Hi Safeena,

This is really serious for someone on dialysis, you should contact your renal team as soon as possible as it will be impossible to dialyse with a failed/ failing fistula



Please don't be scared of the surgery. It is done under sedation and you won't feel it or remember it. It is necessary to save the fistula. Without a working fistula you will have to have a chest catheter inserted for dialysis, so it is one surgery or the other.


I've had this happen. It is vital for you to listen to and feel your access daily for changes to catch them and prevent these problems. The surgery must be done or you will need a new fistula/graft OR place a catheter to complete your txs.

May I ask how old is your fistula? How many dialysis treatments have you had with this access? Is this your only access you've had for dialysis? Did you have any problems with your fistula surgery?

Having some type of surgery or procedure is an absolute necessity to proceed with dialysis. Are you in the U.S.? Surgery can be frustrating and scary but facing your fears if you want to continue with dialysis. How can we help to alleviate your fears, concerns? Are you younger, male, working, school, family, friends etc? What are your goals for the coming year?

What can we do to help? Blessings


I wish my blood pressure was that high before starting dialysis!


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