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I had a kidney removed at the age of 8 -I am now 69 & the remaining kidney is on

11egfr -

creatinene nearly on 400

Urea very high

Blood pressure always normal

They keep monitoring me and saying you are doing very well but does anyone out there think I should be on dialysis

Surely the remaining kidney is working too hard- The specialist says I am doing OK-he is very nice & positive

My husband helps me with all the housework as I get very tired & nauseous but I feel well in my outlook on life & still manage to run my part-time business which is a boarding cattery (I love my job& have been doing this for 12 years) would like some comments & advice as I am worried

Regards Dorothy

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Hello Dorothy

You really are doing very well. I am egfr 10 at present and this seems to be the level that they begin working towards dialysis; I have my assessment for a fistula next week. I think different hospitals vary ( I'm with Guys in London.) One nurse I spoke with told me the hospital she used to work at, started moving things along at egfr 15.

Like you, I've been lucky and still manage to muddle along with just a few side effects like tiredness and nausea. I haven't been in a hurry to begin dialysis. As long as you are having regular checks I would just carry on as you are and maybe ask next time you're there when they feel dialysis would be appropriate for you.

I have heard that people who have cats have a positive effect on their health....perhaps your part time business does just that! :-)

Wishing you the best.


in reply to Mgt8

Hi Margaret - Thankyou for your very positive reply - makes me feel better to know someone 's in the same boat- love my job & spoil the boarding cats including 6 cats of my own (strays) & yes it was on the news last month that people who have cats & are stroking them tend to live 30% longer well I should live to be 100 with all the hundreds of cats I have looked after over the last 12 years- wonderful animals

I am also trying as long as I can to stay off diayisis but will deal with as best I can when it happens - I guess it won't be a walk in the park

Have a great day

Regards from Dorothy in New Zealand


Hello Dorothy,

My mum is on peritoneal dialysis. She said the Drs here start preparing you for dialysis when your egfr is 10, but then it depends on the individual & their symptoms. My mum had virtually no symptoms before going on dialysis. But then there was a sudden rush to get her started because the surgeon who fitted the catheters had been on long term sick & then when he returned to work, he gave his notice. I think her egfr was 6/7 when she started, but the hospital had said she would definitely be on dialysis when it got to 5. In the end it was down to the surgeon handing his notice in that she went on it, not down to her symptoms or egfr. Hope this helps & all goes well for you.


Hi Dorothy.

If your blood counts are fine why go on dialysis. Personally l think it will put so much strain on your day to day living. Having the fistula or graft fitted on your arm, trips to the hospital for dialysis and infections. Do you really need all that. I advise you to listen to the doctors advise. Let them keep monitoring your bloods urine and whatever needs to be monitored. Stay away from dialysis as long as you can unless otherwise.


Lovemore Zindoga

I agree, keep going as long as you can as long as you are not in denial about dialysis. If you are planning on having HD do not leave it until you really need dialysis because your fistula (when it has been grafted) as it needs t ime to 'mature'. I found that I was OK and still worked full-time until I went below 10 and I was 6 before my fistula was stronge enough to b e used by which time I was dragging myself along almost on all fours. ☺Despite that I am glad I left it so long because I really appreciated how well I felt once I started dialysis.

I have two house cats who kept me going during the dark days having been abandoned by all human family and so called friends who did not want to have anything to d o with "an invalid". I have come out the other end of the tunnel much stronger for having had to do it on my own😊


Hi Poppydolly - I agree cats are great companions - I have 6 cats of my own -Over the years I have been running a small boutique boarding cattery we have had 21 rescue cats plus hundreds of boarding cats ( over 12-13 years) - re-homed most of the abandoned strays but now have to start thinking of my health so I can't go on rescuing these little orphans for much longer

I'm not sure I could do all this on my own like you - I do have a husband who cleans out the cats at the weekends & if I am feeling un-well he will go into work late & do all the jobs (real star!!!)

I hope you find good friends who will understand how things are for all us Kidney patients as we really do need as much help & understanding as we can get & lets face it if they haven't got kidney disease & all the symptoms that come with it they can not possibly understand but its nice to have someone to listen & we do have the renal nurses who always make time to listen

Have a great day

Regards Dorothy from New Zealand

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