i have a severe insulin problem.. My readings are 39.. Im on glucophage XR.. I have been told by a specialist and a GP i have to cut out all

sugars, breads,potatoes, rice,pastas,as im also wheat and high carbs intolerence.. My weight is going higher and higher and im becoming a recluse.. Is there anything I can do to get better? im so over this at the moment..Please help me

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  • Of course there's something you can do.... Just start slow! It's pretty drastic changes that your being to make, and it will be very difficult at first, but as soon as you start getting into it you will quickly start feeling better, things will get easier and you will feel better about yourself. Just start slow: diet, cut out as many of the above-mentioned foods as you can; or at least eat a much smaller amount. Substitute high-gi carbs for low GI ones - lentils, brown rice, rye bread, but the less carbohydrate you can have the better. Stay away from fruits and sweets. Plenty of veggies and plenty of water. Don't try eating a whole lot less just yet, just try substituting with better foods! Exercise! Again, start slow: no need to sprint up mountains: 45 minutes of brisk strolling each day will make the world of difference! If necessary, consult a dietitian/nutritionist and/or psychologist in order to address behavioral change, motivations and your feelings about yourself. Wishing you the best!

  • This is good advise. Also try cinnamon and if you can get Aloe vera to drink, Helps to control sugar. I believe also in a positive mind. I've been diabetic for over 40 years, doing well.

  • O was also diagnosed as pre-diabetic and taken off that list you have. I didn't find it hard at all and my weight just fell off me. I lost 17kgs in 4 months. You can have, or at least I could have sweet potato, whole wheat pasta, rye bread. I ate like a queen, never was hungry, just ate whole foods and mostly raw foods. I wouldn't swap back now even if someone paid me. I love this way of eating, I love the good health and energy I have, and I love the weight loss factor also.

  • I am Type II Diabetic, i am battling. I lost 7kg until march after march i've started standing still. I dont know what to do anymore. any advice?

  • I know it's difficult. This is how i control my sugar levels very successfully.

    Take a mixture of fresh veg, onion, garlic and green pepper and half a tin baked beans ,some lentils and a handful of minced meat add some water, flavour with herbs, boil till soft, blend and enjoy . i always make fresh everyday and have one to two bowls at night.

    Take 1 cucumber and 1 granny smith apple, juice and drink as a snack, it is very good for diabetes.

    Add cinemon to your tea and to your oats.

    i have futurelife cereal, it is diabetic friendly i have for breakfast and always have a container in my bag, use as a snack.

    use low GI seed bread never eat rolls or white bread and leave butter or margarine.

    have fabulite sugar free yogurt with fresh fruit salad. No grapes.

    Good luck and if you need to chat, I'm here for you

  • Dear Marie 1984 ,

    Same here stuck between 72 and 74kg for months.gym or no gym.worst is going to India for the holidays for a month and a half.there goes my weight and diabetes control.lol I might be able to lose the weight I gain more eaisly.i am on insulin.got far better control with that .I was on oral for about 8 months after diagnosis.but they flutter so much that I was asked once if I wanted to try insulin.grabbed it.and am much more happy.energetic.

  • Drink at least 2 litres of water per day. Split it up into 4 bottles, so you are quite sure you getting the quantity

    An apple a day helps also. Any kind of carbs, eat before lunch, such as cereal etc

    Do some exercise daily

    I changed my lifestyle to suit my then boyfriend and his children, and within a year of no gym, and taking care of others instead of myself, I was diagnosed as diabetic. Gained about 15 kgs and inject 4 times a day now

  • you need at least 1L of water per 25kg bodyweight. example if you weigh 100kg you need to take in 4L of water

  • I hear you -but there are so many people who do not drink a drop of water, and for them to even get the 500ml down four times in the day is a mission. But broken down into 4 - makes it easier to tolerate and get accustomed to drinking water.

    I personaly notice how I feel if I am short on water intake, such as today, for example. We have no water supply to our business area, cannot go to the loo, cannot flush toilets, so dont drink anything to prevent needing the loo!!

  • I see were you are comming from. What usually try to explain to people is that if they dont drink water the old water in the body wich is dirty and full of toxins just keep flushing through their bodies.. so the toxins in the body soes not leave because no new water gets taken in. The reason why you feel bad when you dont drink water, or the lack of energy is a bit technical, but what I can say not to sound to much like a nurd is that your body needs water to produce ATP. best to google in to ATP than for me to explain lol

  • I can help you with your situation.

    I am a type 1 insulin dependant diabetic, I use to inject 6 times a day, 110mml of insulin a day. 35mml of protohane in the morning, 40mml of actrapid during the day and 35 mml protophane at night. until a week ago.

    Now I am down to once a day at 25mml. I feel amazing , got energy, feeling alive!

    My goal is to help others , and to be off insulin within 2 months.

  • I am supposed to inject before every main meal, 32 units, and 74 units at night, thats a lot of insulin!

    And 2 Glucophage tablets in the morning and 2 at night. What is the magic formula to get off all this stuff? Exercise?

  • Hi just a question have you ever thought of getting something to release more stem cells from your bonemarrow...stem cell theraphy

  • NO! Didnt know it was an option or a possibility? What can you tell me about this please?

  • Hi iknow of a gentleman (68) who had severe diabetes and after he became aware of Stem cell nutrition his blood sugar came down and he controlled it between 120 - 140 . I cannot mention the product here as it will be seen as advertising., so how do i get the info to you?

  • Inbox me you contact details, or if you are uncertain of security here is mine, 079 170 5133.

  • inbox me your email address or contact details, I will reply on that, its easier for me to send you info

  • dit is baie belangrik om jou bloedsuikervlakke voor jy inspuit te toets.Ek`s al 40 jaar `n tipe 1 insulien afhanlike diabeet.en ek`s geleer dat oefening baie belangrik is, en dit is baie belangrik wat mens eet.Dis vreeslik baie wat jy inspuit ,so eet jy nie dalk baie styselagtige kos nie?

  • Hi, you neglected to advise as to how you managed the success story. Please advise as it sounds almost too good to be true. Kind regards - André

  • Hi Andre. Yes it sounds to good to be true. But I am living proof, and I am not the only one. I have also gone to the extend of taking before pics to add to my testimony. I would like to tell you more but in order for you to grasp how I am doing it would seem to plain simple and uncomplex. In a box it comes down to nutrition. If you are interessted inbox me your email or phone number.

  • Hi again andrewindt@rocketmail.com kindly respond

  • Hi Gail have you ever thought of stem cell nutrition?? I cannot give the name or any more info here as it might look like advrtising. How do I get more info to you?

  • hi i know one friend of mine who was travelling a lot and was on insulin but being so much in travel he was not able to take insulin. he made a great change in his lifestyle. he skipped his dinner altogether and in dinner he started having fruits only . now he has controlled diabetes with the help of medicines only. he did all this insupervision of doctor. there is one website thelifestylediseases

    That doctor gives reply on that website. try it it is good.advice given here is free.

    I think definitely changing your eating pattern really makes a lot for such diseases.