Why do I constantly feel like giving up on taking insulin?

I'm so fed up of this bullshit. I've been diagnosed for about 2 years now and honestly, couldn't care less anymore. I'm type 1, 26 years old, and always have a reading of between 6 and 8, even if I go days without injecting. I've reached a point where it just frustrates me. I eat whatever I want, drink, smoke, and am just looking for answers that speak my language. Hate this bull that everyone is too careful around me. Not even sure what I'm asking. But Cant people just be real, and not righteous?

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  • That is very unusual, do you have an endocrinologist that is helping you? I would really recommend that you talk to the people at the CDC in Johannesburg. The problem with diabetes is the long term effects it has on your health.

    Can you explain what you mean by people are being to careful and righteous around you?

  • Hey, thanks for the reply. Unfortunately I'm in Cape Town. I just mean, all of a sudden people start looking at me like a baby that needs help. Their tone in voice has changed, their attitudes have changed, and even the websites providing help are in that same tone of voice. I'd like to be able to talk to people who can just come out and say f*@# off if I'm being stupid, instead of trying to gingerly caress my hair and show me better ways. I'm new to this, so I hope my response to the situation isn't offending anyone or anything.

  • Matt - you are being an ass :) When people don't understand something it scares them. And it sounds like people are trying to help you and they just don't really know how. Diabetes sucks it does affect every aspect of your life. BUT if you do not take care of yourself you are going to pay the price. Being blind and having lost a few fingers (all which are very real risks with diabetes) is NOT SEXY - not even Mills and Boom can make that look sexy. Stop smoking, stop eating crap you know you are not suppose to eat. Buy a book, google but learn about diabetes. You have diabetes and the only person that can really help you is YOU. :) And I meant all of that in the best way possible.

  • I know I'm being an ass, and appreciate you calling me on it. And it's not like I don't know about it and all that. I went through all the steps, went to the dietician, did all the research, I've just reached a point where I'm fed up. If my readings are always fine, even after drinking a bottle of tequila, I just don't understand why I need to put up with it. I'd rather be struggling to keep good readings so I know it's real. all this iffy stuff makes me lazy and uninterested in taking meds. Not sure how to tackle this.

  • Hey Matt. the thing with most booze is that it drops your sugar levels, if i drink a coupel of wiskeys my levels run between 3 to 4.5 . as for ppl treating you like a baby you can always do what i did, i am stronger and fitter than most of my friends.

  • Ask them to test you for insulin resistance.

  • What does insulin resistance mean??

  • Hi Matt, you are so not alone in feeling the way you do and all the info in the whole wide world is very bombarding. My road to diabetes started last year around August while being pregnant with my second child. So they called it Gestational diabetes ( sorry for spelling), went to a diatician, 2 weeks later glycophage and a week later in the hospital using insulin, and man I hate needles with all my heart want to faint everytime I see one. So after giving birth i just stuck my head in the sand and pretended it went away. After a while my husband asked me to just please go to the dr. So off I went in April to see the dr and now I am on the road of diabetes, injecting 4 times a day - wanting to faint each time. pricking myself to test almost 6 times a day and just feeling so overwelmed and not knowing which way to go.

    Saw a expert dr on diabetes yesterday and he told me just maybe we will be able to control my diabetes with some lifestyle changes and tablets if not then maybe get me onto a insulin mix only twice a day. Yesterday was the first time I really felt that this could turn around. But still I don't know which way to go. This morning I sat wondering what I am allowed to eat acctually because everybody is just saying cut down on carbs and eggs and this an that so what is left????? i don't know. So keep your head up i know all the info is overwelming but at least we have a place to ask questions that might sound stupid to some people but if you don't know just ask someone is bound to answer.

  • Hey, tanks for responding. Yea, I'm just having a tough time with it. Probably need help.

  • Is the rest of your family helping you? My husband changed his way of eating to fit what I must eat and must say my readings have hit the below 8 mark a couple of times and I feel like jumping for joy on not having to use the needle. It is easier if you have support.

  • Hi Matt don't feel so alone in your feelings because you are not!!!! Im 25 and have been doing the very same shit you have and I know its not good so catch a wake up!!! it does definitely suck having to remember to take insulin and eat healthy instead of just having a good few drinks and partying :) but don't be a fool man! rather live properly from now so that in 20 years time you don't lie in the hospital one leg short and blind.....I tell myself that everyday and its still freaken hard

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