Diabetes South Africa

SIGNS AND SYMPTOMS The symptoms of hyperglycaemia and Ketoacidosis include:

Deep, rapid breathing

Dry skin and mouth

Flushed face

Fruity-smelling breath

Nausea and vomiting

Stomach pain.

Other symptoms that can occur include;

Abdominal pain

Breathing difficulty while lying down

Decreased appetite

Decreased consciousness

Dulled senses that may worsen to a coma


Frequent urination or thirst that lasts for a day or more


Muscle stiffness or aches

Shortness of breath.

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Scary ........


Thank you for sharing! All of us need the reminder when/if the symptoms may appear especially during the flu season. Getting medical help is essential. Have a good day Wendyf!


I had a blister under my middle toe that I nursed for a few months. Because it was nearing winter, I had to work with closed shoes. I discovered that my toe had an infection. I got an appointment with my gp and we had an understanding, me being a nurse. If something would happen, I would go to him immediately. He put me on a small drip with strong antibiotics at the surgery, with my foot now inflamed and my toe a funny colour. He gave me strong antibiotics and a cream to put on my toe. I started vomiting, thinking it was the antibiotics that was too strong. I was ok and the next day I vomited again and that was the Friday night. The whole of Saturday I wasn't feeling well and vomited the whole day. I thought it was gastro againj, as I had it a few months before. I was so dehidrated, but everything I took in by mouth just came out. On June 24 2012, I was taken to hospital, but I was so confused and sometimes not registering where I was. When the doctor spoke to my husband, she said I am going straight to ICU as i had DKA. I was busy going into a coma and dr said if he came 2 hours later, I was beyond help. I had all the symptoms described as on top. Only the next day round about midday, I sort of came to and knew what was going on around me. Dr was so pleased to see me laugh again and said I thought I was going to loose you. I did not know I was near death, but this year I celebrated my life. It was the day before my birthday and I did not even nearly had a birthday I was really so greatful to God for pulling me out of it. Needless to say, I lost 3 toes due to the infection and I was transfered to eThekwini hosp in Dbn. There I had an angiogram done due to the fact that my blood circulation was very poor and I would have lost my whole leg. I had a femoral bypass done and today I am so glad. My bloodglucose levels that time was so sky high, it could not even register. But today I have it uinder control and I cannot thank God enough for giving me another chance. So, a warning to all those out there.... please look after yourself and look for these signs. It can save your life. God bless.