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what about coffee/milk/sugar free womens Horlicks/d protine. can we have once a day.


is one touch glucometer readings reliable.how much difference will be there from lab reports.

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One touch meters are reliable. Be aware that once the vial of test strips is opened they expire in 30 days.

You can have coffee etc, without the sugar. Contrary to what some doctor's may say, reducing milk does improve your sugars.

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I have been told to reduce Milk intake in tea / coffee to reduce my BS levels.


(1) If you are covering with drugs and following the doctors, you can take anything and everything. Drugs Hai Naa. When oral drugs stop working (which it will at some stage) then INSULIN Hai Naa.

(2) If you are on LCHF diet, then count your carbs (and watch sugars) and ensure you are in LCHF range.

As for meter readings -- I use Accuchek so have no experience with onetouch.