Low Carb food.... My earlier post on the same subject got diverted into bs control discussions. Intention was to list items with low carb

For more you can google: (source: nutritionvalue.org). Or members can add to the list with nutrition values:

Food itemPer 100 gms of food

Carb(C), Fat(F), Protein(P), Dietery Fibre(DF)

(in grams / 100 grams)

Egg fried cooked whole C-0.8 F-15.0 P-14.0

Cucumber C-2.2 F- 0.2 P-0.6

Tomato C-3.9 F- 0.2 P- 0.9 DF-1.2

Onion C-4.0 F- 0.1 P-0.9 DF-1.2

Cheese C-4.1 F-21.0 P-14.0

Butter milk C-4.9 F-3.3 P- 3.2

Cauliflower C-6.3 F-0.3 P-3.0

Broad Beans C-7.0 F-0.2 P-1.8 DF-2.7

Brinjal cooked C-8.7 F- 0.2 P-0.8 DF-2.5

Peanut C-16.0 F- 49.0 P-26.0 DF- 9.0

Samba rava(long wheat) C-66.0 F- 2.0 P-9.6 DF- 2.0

Wheat C-74.0 F-2.0 P- 9.6 DF-13.0

Raw Rice C-82.0 F-0.6 P-6.8 DF- 2.8

Arranged in ascending values of Carb and last 3 are obviously not low carb.


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