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Facebook awakening (day1)

Just been catching up with Facebook and you know how every now and again it pops up with 'friends of friends'. Well one particular 'friend' popped up from youth club experience. We would have been about 13ish and you know how the story goes, as a group it's "who do you fancy". Well I said who I fancied and low and behold his cousin was in the group. Losing no time she went over to tell him. The reply came back " I was a nice person but too fat to go out with". To be fair to him he was only 13 and the reply may have been misrepresented. (He appears to be a good husband, grandfather and a nice person). I am now 62 and have had a great life but am still overweight. So I'm going to use this serendipitous moment to get back on track. This is nothing to do with him, so don't think it does. This is to do with me, I have accomplished many things in life but being overweight has always been a constant and it has got to stop. So from today(day1) I choose to eat healthier and exercise.

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Hello Lyn,

What will your program be?


Well. I have joined the gym. Been this morning, got an exercise program specifically for me. My fitness age has just come back as 77. ( I'm 62) No wonder I'm feeling............... We decided after the gym to go for a swim and the mobility exercise class was just starting, so we got roped into doing that.(77, should have said 97) we've joined a slimming club for support, know what to do as regards eating healthy (coeliac) just need to make Myself accountable. Been to the coast for a long weekend with my other half so, hopefully nothing too shocking when I get weighed tonight. As I said in my last post using today as my first day after the Facebook debacle. Problem will be next week when I'm back at work. I work for a sweet manufacturer and we can eat as many as we like. Worked there 27 years and when people say "Oh you'll get sick of them"....... They're lying......


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