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Living with a hearing family

Their interaction with me is either very brief or they go through my husband if it's important. There I am doing whatever and someone says something that of course I miss totally. Seeing somebody walk up to me looking me in the eye isn't viewed as offensice, it's the deaf and the hearing coming together. Usually the communication is choppy, and I'm left with questions as I always am lol I back check the situation with a phone call. Or a text message. Confusion is to hard to cope with for me. I drives me nuts. It's never easy, though I wonder what it would be like if we were all deaf. Lol

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I wouldn't wish hearing problems on anyone, but wouldn't it be good if people could experience what it is like to be either deaf or hard of hearing just for a day. Maybe sympathy and understanding would come about then.

My husband, bless him! Has absolutely nil patience when it comes to me and my understanding. My adult children and grandchildren sort of understand but not fully and will make a joke of me mishearing.


I am profoundly deaf all of my life, I always feel left out in family. No matter how I describe what it is like, some don’t get it 😢


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