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Progressive genetic loss of hearing

How many of us face the fact that one day you will be profoundly deaf.? My surgeon told me I'd wake up one morning and it will be gone. I have such little hearing as it is, it certainly wouldn't change my life much. I can still hear the tv if it's a few feet away from me. I really enjoy the news. Maybe it would lol ok what then?

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Sometimes I wish I was born deaf so I wouldn't miss out on sound when my hearing is history. Well it is what it is. Good night folks.


I can see how you might get to that idea of being born deaf. But even when completely deaf, you will still be able to remember music, children's laughter, babbling brooks, the swish of sea on shore, tinkle of glasses, voices of loved ones... and so much more.



Yes, very true. But to accept the fact of never hearing those things again, brings tears to my eyes. To be able to hear these things brings meaning, that guessing and memory just can't match up to. Good news is that it will be time for my implant.

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