One of those days

Does anyone else have the odd day where you get down about having to wear hearing aids?

I've worn hearing aids for near on 3 years, most days I'm not bothered but then I get a day like today where I get self conscious of them, hate how they look and just don't wanna use them.

Always seems odd getting these random days, wondered if anyone else did.

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  • Hi, I'm about to find out, I'm sat in the RUH waiting to be fitted for my aid, I'm looking forward to regaining my hearing but I'm already threating on how it will look ! At a young looking(so everyone tells me ) 51yr old I'm not looking forward to everyone knowing that I have deafness and visually everyone will know ! I would mind the smaller one that sits inside the ear as its less conspicuous however I have been told the nhs don't provide this designer type ! Surely it must be cheaper to have thus than the cost of surgery ?

  • Hiya tjaybanx, I'm 63 and have been deaf since I was 14 yrs old. i leanred to Lip read in this hearing world we're trapped in and I also use Sign language. I DO have hearing Aids BUT to be fair, they're just so other people can 'see' them and know there's an issue because I was sick of people barging passed me uttering something nasty because they THOUGHT I was ignoring their 'excuse me or whatever requests. They don't work for me as I'm just too deaf but what they do allow is for me to hear a far away kind of 'rumbling sound if somebody whose with me speaks to me. They don't permit me to be able to make out the words though and THEY are IN the ear hearing aids that you have mentioned. SO, (and this is really just pause for thought for you, so maybe something to think about I guess if you're confident enough as a person. Instead of my IN the ear Aids I use BEHIND the ear Aids. These i literally Bling up! and believe me I have a lot of fun with them. For instance, At the moment I'm wearing my 'Betty Boop' one's, I have about 6 pairs, even a p[air decorated for Christmas. I purchase both little stickers, Diamante's, even finger nail decals and gems and I decorate both the behind the ear part and the piece that sits inside the ear. Sadly I couldn't find any stickers etc that have Easter decorations or I would have had an Easter pair too lol. When I've finished decorating them I go over them with two light coats of clear nail enamel to keep them well and yet they're easy to change if and when I wish. Make them your pride & Joy, a talking point, and at the same time they're fairly idiot proof for any hearing people who don't quite get the whole Deaf thing. Back in January, a total stranger came up to me in Asda where I live and she said that although I didn't know here from Adam she wanted to give me a huge hug and even huger Thank you. It turned out that her little 3 yr old Son (who was with her) was Deaf, learning to sign but flat out refused to wear hearing aids. He would scream and cry every time she put them on him. THEN

    around Christmas her husband had seen me in Asda and had said to her "Look at that lady over there and then look at hear hearing Aids!" She said that they spent the whole day walking around all the pound shops looking for little stickers of his favourite super heroes lol and then they spent the entire night decorating them, for him and NOW she can't get them OFF him! :-) I also suggested coating them with clear nail varnish as I do to help their longevity but felt so pleased that in some small way a little boy had been helped by my zany attitude to my Deafness. I never wanted a cochlear because I'm ok with me) Just think about it ok? and I wish you all the luck in the world. x x

  • Although I do sell hearing aids, I wear one myself, and I must say there are odd days when I don't wear mine, not for any one reason, because you can't really see mine, but I will have the day when I say not wearing one today, not anything wrong with that, force yourself to do something you don't want to do, and you are likely reject wearing an aid, feel comfortable in what you want.

  • Try Boots Chemists for a free hearing test with no obligation to buy. I felt the same as you and they will show and advise you the one which will benefit your hearing the best. You pick which style and it will be tuned in to your needs by an audiologist. I have behind the ear ones and I can forget I have mine in and because they're so comfy I am not conscious of them being there.I am no longer embarrassed having to ask people to repeat themselves all the time. Ask yourself if you would like to hear better or be unaware of people speaking to you, nobody can tell you what to do it's your choice after all.