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Morning Everyone,

I'm 46 yrs old and my ears have been a mess for as long as I can remember and it wasn't until 10 years ago I never understood why, I was diagnoised with Meinere's disease.

Three years ago I somehow lost all the hearing in my left ear and had a significant reduction in my right ear (around 40%) hearing left, for over the past year I've had epidodes of complete silence and none of the medical professionals I've visit can seem to help me and it has significantly affected my life to the point that working has become almost impossible and very flustrating for me and those around me and my social life has also taken a hit by my inability to have a conversation and my withdrawl from crowds, simply because I can't hear. I have 2 hearing aids that are useless since my ears are like a radio "in and out" hearing aids obiviously don't adjust to my ears ups and downs which would require a constant sound adjustment from hearing doctor "who has time" or money to pay for those constant visits.

Anyway, I hope to find others in my boat and good advice on dealing with this nightmare.



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I have total deafness in my right ear and about 20% loss in the other, I also had one bad virtigo attack and since then balance is shocking. GP diagnosed Meniere's 18months ago, as my balance has taken a nose dive I went to see EnT consultant who is not convinced its Meniere's. He is going down. The route of tiny blood clots causing damage from my heart. All in all I lost my job too, stay in the house as I can look like I haven been drinking when my balance bad. It's sound behind me that is hard work. Using a bicross hearing aid has helped me when with a few others, you may want to try. To top me off, I have narrow angle closure in both eyes, so having tiny holes in my eyes to help drainage on Friday. I was looking at jobs available this morning but it's hard to work out what occupation would be safe for e and others around me. Life has changed so much for me, although I am lucky to have a supportive family 🌼

Wishing you well xx


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