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Hi, I have high frequency deafness. Its hereditary, my mum is profoundly deaf and was one of the first to have a cochlea implant. I have a hearing aid which does help certain situations, thankfully not as big a hearing loss as my mum . I do use subtitles on TV at all times. I also have lupus and fibromyalgia.

Big birthday this year 60 😕 but retired through Ill health 7 years ago. That's me folks 😊

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You mentioned you was ill few years ago...lupus as one, you probably had some very high doses of wide spectrum antibiotics, that alone can cause HF hearing loss, but as mum had hearing loss you may have weak hearing gene which would not have helped your problem, HF loss is best served with one of the slim corded aids, which are designed for your loss, the common type with a mould would only increase the lower tone in your ear canal and make your hearing worse by making it louder but drummy like an echo in you ear...check it out...good luck


Hi, my hearing loss was diagnosed many years before lupus. At the time all that was offered was genetic counselling. Never heard of slim corded aid, will look it up, the one I have is NHS, programmed to pick up hf sounds. Thanks for the reply, hope more people start using the forum


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