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My wife had surgery a week ago Monday and is bedridden where she eats bon-bons and watches soap operas

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while I cook, clean, do laundry, grocery shopping, vacuuming, window cleaning, scrubbing floors and so forth. So that I could be even more attentive, I got a cheap set of walkie-talkies so it’d be ever so easy for her to summon me.

I asked only that when calling me on the two-way, she use my handle “The Eagle.”

She calls me Bald Eagle and thinks that’s funny.

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Nice chuckle-inducing story thank you.And may I say how wonderful it is to hear you're doing all that stuff 💪

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vwolff in reply to Smokeypurple


Hee hee made me laugh🤣🤣

You are a good man Marc "The Eagle" Anderson!

🤣🤣🤣🤣What an awesome story, Mark !!! Great to hear you are so active! Best wishes to your wife!

Glad you are doing so well!

Good for you! You're kind and caring caregiver!

Awesome! Treasure the moments

Brilliant. Sue is in for a partial knee replacement on Thursday and I fear a similar fate awaits me.

Ha. It'll be good for you. Builds character.

Made me laugh Marc! Sounds like John looking after me after my knee replacement, without the Walkie talkie! I just had to shout, but mostly he didn’t hear 😂Wishing your wife a speedy recovery!


That’s a classic, Marc.

When I was ill four years ago (the doctor wanted me to go to hospital but my husband insisted he’d look after me) on day one of six weeks in bed, he had just walked out of the bedroom and I had to call him back. I heard a whispered ‘sh!t’, and he never ever swears!

It was sweet actually as I’ve had four years of reminding him about it.

Should have bought a walkie-talkie 🙂

Well, sounds like you got your money's worth out of that slip up. (Many men, sorry to say, are not naturally caregivers.) How was Tony after that?

He was so apologetic after that and couldn’t do enough for me ☺️

Wow, what an inspiring story. I wish I'd thought of it a lot earlier in my marriage, tell her she has finally figured out the golden key.

That is very funny and I hope you are both saying 'over' at the end of your sentences!

Come to think of it, do you actually know for a fact she did have surgery?

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MBAnderson in reply to MarionP

She wouldn't do that --- or would she??

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MarionP in reply to MBAnderson

I only know I would. I simply suspect others would as well, having learned its value. One of my basic laws of survival (that I learned back in shrink school from a teacher trained by Texas Tech ... they are big on "science" ... as he used to drill into us: "I am a psychologist, trained in SCIENCE, from Texas Tech"): this particular 'law of survival' went: "The world provides feedback." :)

(Oh, PS, it was a psychotherapy interneship run by a Canadian psychiatrist in the U. of Oklahoma medical college, and the "survival" laws context was it was dedicated to "surviving patients." 1981) Little insider lore there. :) Another was "no more than three depressions per shift." They don't tend to put that in the journals.

Ha! Best wishes to Catherine in her recovery!

Wow MBAnderson! Sounds just like me! We are the same age, and so, probably, like me, have some problems, with everyday house work matters. In my case, though, I am the caretaker for my wife, who is chronically ill, in heart failure. I do most of the cooking, housekeeping work, in addition to keeping the house in good repair. I can empathize with you, because it can take a lot of energy, to keep up with everything. Progressing PD, for me, just makes household chores more difficult. With the COVID protocols, outside of me and my wife, we do not have anyone helping us, with some things, that are sorta difficult to accomplish! Hang in there! We must remain positive! Thanks for sharing! I like your humor, ‘The Eagle’ - Bald Eagle, using Walkie Talkies is good! My wife and I use cell phones!

Take away the Bon Bons.. hehehehe

Good for you Marc. I hope your wife recovers quickly.

Bald Eagles are magnificent animals! Just saying ....over and out

Wishing your wife a speedy recovery! Tell her I think she should definitely keep using the new handle, “Bald Eagle”. 😊😊😊

I loved your account of what a housewife does every day. I bet you will be doubly appreciative of your wife once she recovers. I'm delighted to see that you have kept your wonderful sense of humor. My Marc and I invested in Apple watches and they serve us well as walkie talkies by calling each other with the watch! We're each other's "favorite" so easy to call with a single click! Stay well and best wishes for a quick recovery for your better half!

You're a good man Charlie Brown! Hope Mrs. MBA recovers quickly, about time you do a little work around there....never a huge bon bon fan, but chilled Junior Mints are taking me down quickly! Thanks for the laugh Mr. B. Eagle

hehehh...the ironies of life! hang tough....

It’s humbling for me to realize all that my lovely spouse gets done in the course of a day. I’m glad you have the energy to carry on.

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