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New Stem Cell Video (1 month ago) Aspen Neuroscience posted by Alliance for Regenerative Medicine


I am not posting this bc I wish to debate anyone. I find it interesting and promising and I think others might as well. Given what research does get attention, I find it odd this gets so little attention.

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Excellent info and very promising. We have to keep endorsing this company and looking to push together to get this done in the near future

cclemonade in reply to marnegro

I agree.

Thank you for sending the video link from Aspen Neuroscience presentation and for all you are doing to gather information on promising research. I am new to PD and very interested in learning more and in understanding what research does and does not get attention.

I’m new to having PD as well. I too am interested in learning what research gets attention vs what does not. I have recently realized that some of the most promising research gets little to no mention. Therefore, I’ve concluded we need to advocate for ourselves more.

Thanks for sharing this, Christina. I share your enthusiasm. At the same time, I'm incredibly frustrated by how slowly Aspen has been at getting to actual human trials. I just searched "Loring" and found 15 posts in our Parkinson’s/Movement Disorders site (6 by me) going back five years. Aspen will get plenty of worldwide publicity if they ever succeed in a human being, but until that happens, it is a hopeful theory. Don't get me wrong, I am VERY hopeful, but after three years of thinking autologous stem cell therapy is right around the corner, I am equally frustrated. If I think about it rationally, the delay probably translates to the increased likelihood of safety and success, but it's hard to be patient. That said, I really appreciate this post and your efforts! Keep digging and keep sharing! 😊

Interesting. I am going to try to reach out to Aspen and ask what the plan is for human trials since Dr. Federoff (presenter of video) didn't speak to that.


Hello, I reached out to Aspen Neuroscience to learn if they have a timeline for human trials and received the response below:

Thank you for reaching out to the team at Aspen Neuroscience. We at Aspen are actively working with the FDA in planning clinical trials for our autologous dopamine neuron replacement therapy for Parkinson’s disease. At this time, our therapy has not yet been used in humans and clinical trials have not begun. We at Aspen do not make determinations on who would be eligible for participation in clinical trials when those are approved to begin.

To learn more about our company and any important developments , please explore our website (

If you are interested in receiving information and updates on our progress, please contact Summit for Stem Cell Foundation (, a founding partner and non-profit organization that supported the brilliant body of research from its beginning, provides a variety of services for people with Parkinson’s disease and supports cutting-edge, evidence-based regenerative medicine therapies.

Other resources for information we also recommend that you visit are: the Parkinson’s Disease Foundation ( and the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research (

If you have any other questions, please email us at


Maria Schaefer, Aspen Clinical Operations

Thank you! They responded to me with the exact same email. It is top on my list to further research Summit for Stem Cell org.

Yes as Jim has pointed out, those of us who've been around a while know Jeanne loring was promising imminent human trials 3 years ago. The potential is very exciting, and she appears to have a good reputation for the quality of her research

But this has been worse than the exanatide phase 3 trial for seeming hugely promising but never happening

She talks a good game...

Although monkeys aren't humans and a drug induced model of Parkinson's isn't really Parkinson's (see how jaded we become after a few years 😉), here's some encouraging news regarding autologous stem cell therapy from right here in Wisconsin.

cclemonade in reply to jimcaster

Jim, because that study which looks excellent, has received so little attention from the PD community, I wonder if they need more funding and support? I would like to write to them and ask. I am in NJ so it coming from me would be less meaningful than coming from someone from Wisconsin. (thinly veiled hint) What if we were to compile a list of people with PD or with family members with PD who are interested in this promising Wisconsin research and submitted this list to the Congressional Representative representing that area asking if they would seek additional funding?

I don't think it's a funding issue or a need for volunteers issue. For better or worse, I think stem cell trials are subject to considerable scrutiny because of complications which arose decades ago when human trials were done (bad dyskinesia among other things). I think another problem with Parkinson’s is that it is such a slowly progressing disease. Even when interventions are underway, it takes time to know whether they are effective. I sure wish we would hear more about the Japanese trial which began a couple of years ago.

cclemonade in reply to jimcaster

I heard back from Aspen Neuroscience. Amongst other things they recommended I visit Summit for Stem Cell .org. That website says “hastened path towards FDA clinical trials by the end of 2021.”

I agree with what you said regarding scrutiny given the history.

The website talks about funding and has a means of giving donations.

"But then Doc underwent an experimental procedure to replace the cells he’d lost to PD. Using cells from Doc’s skin, a team of physicians and scientists from Mass General’s Department of Neurosurgery and McLean Hospital was able to engineer and implant new dopamine cells.

And with the help of a transformational gift of $18.5 million from Doc, Mass General’s Department of Neurosurgery hopes to one day bring cell therapy to the millions of people suffering from PD and other neurological diseases."

I'd focus on those that are further along, if it were me.

cclemonade in reply to kevowpd

I am but have not posted yet as there is more to it. I believe They are not proceeding and have no intention of proceeding despite having FDA approval.

Please, if you know more, share it.

As I have stated multiple times, I’m gathering info, researching.

kevowpd in reply to cclemonade

Were they displeased with the results? I am not blown away by the results, though it is hard to judge a trial of 1.

cclemonade in reply to kevowpd

To my knowledge they were motivated by the very persistent investor who is the PWP who received the SC. So, they did not carry on after.

I need to research more.

Thank you for this info! Very encouraging!

Hi, cclemonade. I'm interested in your opinion of this clinic?

They have FB page:

As a resident of Wisconsin, I was excited to see the trials that are being conducted with rhesus monkeys at the University of Wisconsin. It seems that they have produced excellent results. I am very interested in finding out what is required to advance this to humans.

Hi Kind2animals, Are you going to ask at University of Wisconsin? I wonder what they are going to do next. I wonder if they need more funding. If you want someone to join you in asking, I am happy to.

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