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More news about Parkinsons and Poo

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Another piece of research indicating that the microbiome is critical in PD and management of it might provide an effective therapy!/...

I am plugging away at improving my gut (in a half-blind amateur guessing sort of way) with superficial success on a symptomatic basis. I am due another DATscan this month, on the same scanner as my first scan 7 months ago, so that might tell a different story.

It reinforces the case for some proper research / trials in this field, in my view. (Eeyore agrees with me - that's Elliot the neighbours donkey on my banner)

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Hi Winnie

Please can you elaborate "half-blind amateur guessing sort of way".And why are you taking another DatScan while the first one was 7 months ago?



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I have a Datscan (and MRI scan) as part of the trial protocol for the PRX002 trial I start this month (pretrial tests 14th and 22nd January - first infusion of drug or placebo 8th February)

Half-blind etc. I don't have any data about the state of my microbiome at onset (well awareness) in December last year, nadir - time of first Datscan May 2018 or prior to starting microbiome tinkering (also around May June 2018). I sent a sample for test at end November and haven't received any results yet. I have no species specific probiotics available, no way of telling whether the probiotics I take are effective or even live on arrival. You get the picture - compared with a proper clinical trial , half blind amateur...

I'll probably do another test soon - although may wait till July to make it 12 months since last antibiotics, but its still going to be pretty patchy and full of random variables, and a sample size of 1 . Maybe half blind was a bad term - I meant clueless rather than blind like in a double blind trial

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Thank you. All the best, Kia

I think it might be worth taking some probiotic tablets. This might also explain why mannitol has the effect it does for some when it shouldn't really be crossing the blood brain barrier.

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WinnieThePoo in reply to alexask

I take probiotic capsules. I have been doing so since about June last year. They are part of the regime. But, pending pop test results I have no idea about their efficacy

Just curious - Which probiotic capsules do you take Winnie?



So far I have tried, sequentially, not simultaneously, a Probiotic 7 from Holland and Barrett, Dr Mercola's mix and a newly released probiotic by Forever Living Products (jumping on the bandwagon). (Extracted from my reply in "what is the best probiotic for PD")

Since that post I am taking Nutrizings 16 strain capsule, and thinking of trying Just Thrive probiotic 30 capsules (though they're not cheap) for the Bacillus Subtilis HU58. Variety is the spice of life in my view.

I think food source probiotics are important too - in my case sauerkraut, kefir, yoghurt, kombucha and unpasteurised ("lait cru") cheeses. We make our own yoghurt, kefir and sauerkraut - so we know they are live.

I have tried quite a few probiotics for both myself & Glen but without testing our microbiome, we're essentially 'stabbing in the dark' really.

I'm very impressed you're making your own yoghurt, kefir & sauerkraut. I love all of these & would like to have a go at making them as well as kombucha but don't think Glen would eat/drink any of it as he's so set in his ways about what he thinks he likes & dislikes!

I hadn't heard of lait cru cheese before. I expect it's delicious. Had a quick look on the internet to see if I could buy some - seems it's mostly available in France but I'm in England. For how long does it keep? Have you thought about going into business & selling the produce you make? Lol 😄

We were offered the loan of a kombucha"mother" by an American couple in the village, but failed to take them up on it. We are spoilt by our local bio shop selling delicious flavoured kombucha. The ginger flavour is particularly good. Our brand is karma which I think is Dutch. The England world cup rugby player Johnny Wilkinson has launched a UK brand which I think you can get in Waitrose.

My number one gut health tip is Linwoods organic milled flaxseed (Tesco) mixed with home made Kefir and honey.

Thanks so much for all the tips. Wish I could get ginger kombucha & all those lovely cheeses here at a reasonable price.

Sorry, I missed your question about unpasteurised cheese. There are dozens in France, and apart from the probiotic benefit are much tastier. We regularly get a thom, Roquefort, Comte, camembert, Emmenthal, and various local mountain cheeses. Making yoghurt is easy. Put a dessert spoonful of natural onken biopot in a glass of milk and leave it 15 hours in the airing cupboard.

Pls keep us posted on the changes