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novel-drug-to-fight-alzheimers-parkinsons-developed.htmlNovel drug to fight Alzheimer's,

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Read it!

The drug is made up of "supercharged" vitamin A, which is found in vegetables like sprouts and carrots and miniature cabbages

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This is merely a brief paragraph with no link to any study or anything else for that matter.

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jeffreyn in reply to park_bear

Yes, it's a bit strange. The following (somewhat similar) article was published in December 2016 ...

... and the research paper underlying the article(s) was published in 2012.

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jeffreyn in reply to park_bear

It's making more sense now. The original (Daily Mail) article has a bit more information.

"After a two-year £250,000 project to develop vitamin A synthetically, experts hope they are one step closer to treating Alzheimer's, Parkinson's and motor neuron disease."

"Researchers at Aberdeen and Durham universities have reported their progress in the ongoing research project."

"We have basically been trying to create a massively amplified version of what vitamin A already does for the body."

"We now want to test them further and apply for the necessary patents, but I am pleased with how things have progressed since 2016."

"The research was carried out alongside the chemical development company High Force Research."

"The results of their lab research will be published next year."