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How are they got here and wine…


My name is Bob I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease five months ago finally getting used to things being so different like everything is so different But I’ll beat it I will get better that’s the planThat is part one… part two is to find someone A companion a friend to hang with that is why I joined this health page Other reasons include information I can glean from other people, brothers and sisters, That suffer from this disease. I can offer advice Also even was only diagnosed five months ago I am a quick study! Question I will of course always with tack on “check with your doctor Close on anything we discuss with anyone on this page. Thanks for letting me join glad to be here every day above ground is a good day! anyone is welcome to use That line! “God bless us everyone“ Charles Dickens…

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You’ve come to the right place!! Very knowledgeable people post on this site, I feel blessed to have come across it! People really care and want to help each other! It truly is a support group, 😊

Really enjoyed this site. Welcome to our club, membership provided by your brain. Actually no membership required, we take everyone. Those looking for help with or without out partner of life quirks (Parkinson's).

Very knowledgeable people, you'll always find something relating or to maybe look forward to. I've come across myself things I hadn't thought of as a problem.

Your heart, is one.. that's why they check your blood pressure so much. I mean it is I guess natural these days. Your eyes, funny how your doctor's will say or follow certain rules. But eventually think of it this way. Anything that is muscle or made of it or controlled by the brain can be and will be affected.


Welcome! I don’t know where you’re from but look around for a support group in your area, a boxing class, a dance group(in my area the men really like the Parkinson’s dance group),anything specific to Parkinson’s and you will find people to connect with in person. I’ve met some great people! This group is wonderful as well but it’s nice to have support in person too.

I live in North Jersey

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