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Turmeric and parkinson's disease

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I have PD for 14 yrs (2003), living in India, turmeric is a part of our daily spice. In spring we also get green turmeric and we also use as a pickle. It has helped me in my journey of last 14 yrs

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cshamb in reply to Kanu-Kamdar

Thank you for the info.What else do you take?

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dmariel in reply to cshamb

I take vitamin D3 and sinemet

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Kanu-Kamdar in reply to cshamb

I am a Vegetarian and try and take whole food and avoid as far as possible polished food ie eat whole pulses. I also avoid dairy and bakery products and am off PD meds for nearly 10 years. I can send anyone my story if s/he can send an email to kanukamdar@gmail.com. Finally do not miss your exercises and walks

Please email lauderdalep@aol.com


Marsellatom@aol.com, thanks


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nourilo in reply to Kanu-Kamdar

Please send me your story.


Thank you!

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StudioV in reply to Kanu-Kamdar

please send me your story?


Please email bobpamidi@gmail.com

Please send me your journey with PD to my email: venkat9999@gmail.com

please email abrowne818@aol.com

Pls send me yr story. Thanks

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hedier7 in reply to Kanu-Kamdar


Thank you for sending me your story


Thank you

Thanks I now use a blend of tumeric, pepper, dates and herbs in almond milk with a little coconut oil and stiffness is definitely reduced. You are taking medication since you are on sinemet. I take rasagiline with various non prescription supplements. I agree that exercise is essential even if not feeling well. You are right about eating non processed food! I still crave my daily yogurt but eat it plain with fruit, no sugar. We can do so much for ourselves, much more than if we sink into apathy and self pity. Thanks for sharing.


what kind of herbs?

Yes. I would very much like to know your dietary plan to fight PD. How to combine herbs. Fresh or dried. And do you use mucuna?

I put a teaspoon of Gaia golden milk in warm almond milk. It has the aforementioned turmeric, pepper, dates and herbs and tastes good plain or over oatmeal. Macuna is out for me since it is contraindicated if you are on rasagiline.

Mariecoppola08@gmail.com. thank you!

Would love to hear your plan. Thanks. saraoutwest @hotmail.com

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