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Hi all~

Has anyone tried taking CBD or hemp oil for RA? If so, what do you think of it and is there any particular kind that you take? I have been hearing a lot about it lately that it is a big help for many things. Thanks!

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  • Dr. Jason Mc Dougall BSs, Phd is a scientist at Dalhousie University located in Nova Scotia, Canada. He is doing a study on cannabis and RA with the approval of Health Canada and the Arthritis Society of Canada.

  • Thank you suzannedale! I will definitely look into this.

  • I've been taking CBD oil for a few months and have noticed a HUGE difference in my symptoms. It seems to help my inflammation a great deal. I have bought mine from bluebird-botanicals.com. They are a reputable company. I'm in the US though, I'm not sure if they ship out of the country.

  • Thank you carotopgal! I am in the US also and I will check them out.

  • Hi again carotopgal~ I checked the website and it looks good. May I ask which oil you are taking and how much of it per day for your inflammation? This has been a big issue for me also and I would love to try it. Thanks so much for your help!

  • I just buy their Classic Hemp CBD, and use 15 drops a day. If that doesn't work on bad days, I will take more throughout the day. Now, if you have never tried it, I need to tell you that it tastes YUCKY! LOL! When you use it, put the drops under your tongue and let it absorb for a couple of minutes before you take a drink or eat something to try to get the taste out of your mouth. :-)

  • 😄 Thanks for the heads up on the taste! I'm going to order some today and I will let you know my results. I really appreciate you taking the time and interest!

  • A friend of mine gave me some hemp oil, but said I needed to smoke it - to put it in an electronic cigarette.As I am an ex-smoker, but still chew nicotine gum, I have been VERY reluctant to try it. I never thought about swallowing it...I guess it can't hurt to try??? What do you thnk?

  • Hi RobieC! I just ordered some this morning so I probably won't receive it for a few days. I'm hoping for the best and prepared if it doesn't really make a difference. I will let you know after I give it a go.😺

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