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Almost recovered, hopefully!

Hi I have Psoriatic Arthropathy since the age of 23, a year ago at the age of 62 RA developed aggressively, becoming housebound, retiring from work on grounds of ill health and basically my life stopped.

With a feeling of reaching a cliff-face, I found drugs I had relied on most of my adult life were causing more problems, that with those liver problems doctors were not able to get my RA under control. Every which way I was a mess descending into a hell of pain, inflammation, fatigue etc.

I decided to take responsibility for my own body. November 2015 I gave up gluten, by Feb 2016 I gave up dairy and by March I started the Paddison Program.

As of today I am almost in total remission largely using diet. All my friends tell me how healthy I look. I can feel the sparkle in my eyes!

Tomorrow I will be planning with my doctor about coming off the methotrexate. That process will need care and attention, but my goal is to be arthritis-free, active and healthy for the rest of my long life.

I have blogged much of my journey at foodandarthritis.blogspot.c...

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I have heard of that program and great success! It's so empowering when we take and get our lives back :)

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