New to the group

New to the group

Hi I'm Cathy I'm new to the group.

I was diagnosed with Ra about three years ago it was tuff to get a diagnoses because my markers were only slightly off but I started to take pics of my hands and knees and feet and showed my doctor and the doctor sent me to a Rhumatolgist she took one look at me and said you have RA sometimes the markers don't show it my doc said they are learning that now.

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  • I just got diagnosed in January FINALLY getting started on methotrexate...boy is that stuff rough! I think I have had it for many years, but I blamed my job for the pain. I was a CNA until I was afraid I would drop someone and hurt them. Should have not been so stubborn and seen a Dr. years ago lol. Mine was the same way. We chatted for a bit and he said I am 99% sure you have rheumatoid arthritis. I actually laughed when he told me all of my tests were positive. I had narrowed it down to chronic fatigue syndrome (I was pretty darned close :) ), or cancer because I felt SO horrible, lost 60 lbs, and couldn't get off the couch. He was a little shocked I was laughing but I told him this is baby bad news compared to what was going on in my head. Had chemo treatments all planned out and was trying to figure out how to hide them from the family. I suppose we are still dealing with the chemo, just not nearly in the way I had it figured.

  • Hi Cathy! Welcome to the group! When I started have foot and hand pain, my primary doctor ran some basic blood tests for RD. They all came back negative, so he basically said I was getting older and suffering from osteoarthritis and my feet hurt because I was on them all day at work. After a couple visits like this, I knew something was goofy, so I asked for a referral to a rheumatologist. 4 months later I was diagnosed with RD even though all of my blood tests have been negative. I am now under good control with Enbrel. I take lots of pictures and keep a journal. Everytime I visit the rheumatologist, I have my evidence with me.

    All the best to you!

  • Thats a good idea to document as its hax to get answers sometimes

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