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Does anybody else suffer with pain in the lower arms?

Been driving using hand controls for some time, did a long journey last summer and felt the strain in lower arm, thought it would pass. But nine months later it's becoming increasingly more painfull, to the point even brushing my teeth or hair leaves me crying out in pain.

Just wondering if anybody else has experienced similar symptoms?

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Hi Cath, I have never had lower arm pain but I do suffer upper arm pain! changing a light bulb is a nightmare!

Everyone is so different.


Hi Cath. I really suffer from lower arm pain too but wasnt sure if it was connected to CMT, Carpel Tunnel or menopause. One of my consultants said it was probably the Carpel Tunnel but Im not convinced. I started taking evening primrose oil and since then the pain hasnt seemed so bad. My pain starts at the inside of the elbow and runs down.Its hard to explain but it feels like its inside the arm and possibly the joints or muscle. I have an extremely physical job and at times it has become excruiating. I also wear those bandage supports which seem to help. I hope this is of some use to you.


Thanks, that describes my pain to the t!!!! Only in one arm, which of course have to be the one i use most. Have got appointment with doc next week so will see how we get on.


hi cath i get pain in my lower and upper arms also get sharpe pain in my hands when trying to do things.


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