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i will be 45 female and my hands have caused me great deal of odd pain to now cant use left hand pain is bad

my mom ,grandma,aunts,and cousins have c.m.t but as far as i can remember you could see it in them my mom said i didnt have it but past four years i believe i do have c.m.t mostly in my hands my feet seem ok i have numbness couple broken toes but it never stoped me but my left hand has it hurts all the time bad

what can i do

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Hi xxyy

First of all, go and see your GP. Ask him/her to have you tested (a genetic blood test) to confirm whether or not you have CMT. If you do, get a referral to the Neurology Department at your local hospital. Regardless of whether you do or do not have CMT, your GP should be your first port of call, and may be able to help with your hands.


DawnD gives good advice. My hands and arm were sooo painful last night. I hope you get a diagnosis soon, you might not be able to stop the pain but it helps to know what is causing it.


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