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Perfume Pollution

Perfume Pollution

How many of us worry about being near a perfume overloaded person? Kind friends restrain their perfume to a dab and arrange seating to try and keep me away from harm but It is in 'captive' situations where I can't move to another seat that make me worry about going to events. I feel a bit of a kill-joy but breathing in perfume makes my chest hurt, sometimes for days afterwards, and more people seem to be practically drenching themselves in the stuff. Is it realistic to ask cinemas etc to have 'perfume free zones'? Can we try to educate people into recognising what harm they are doing to others? Comments and advise on how to cope would be most welcome.

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I hear you. I get banging migraines from most fragrances. Barrel of laughs trying to drive home after being exposed to one of those folks you can smell 2 aisles over. My neighbor uses extra stinky laundry products that force me to close all the windows and doors when she's running her dryer. Wish there was a law. 😟

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