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immune boosters bad?

Hi, someone sent me this clip below from an article they read stating "immune boosting" foods and supplements are bad for people with auto immune diseases.

A general rule of thumb when viewing supplements and vitamin use in Sjogren's syndrome: If the product claims to boost your immune system, DON'T TAKE IT. Here's why: People with autoimmune diseases - yup, that includes sjoggies - have an immune system that does not need boosting. It's already too active. It's so active that it's attacking and destroying our own healthy tissue. Some herbals may increase this autoimmune activity or may counteract the effects on medications used to suppress autoimmune disease such as prednisone and methotrexate and may increase the likelihood of having a flare

this confuses me! I had the same thought when first diagnosed with Sjogren's that since my immune system is going nuts and attacking everything, I probably don't want to make it stronger but my GP suggested I take vitamins, minerals and probiotics to keep my immune system strong. If those things make my immune system stronger and attacking organs even more, why would a Dr. suggest it? Any thoughts?

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Hi wsjkcj1 , this is a very interesting question and one that I unfortunately can't answer.

We have a number of people on the study with Sjogren's and so I'm going to get in contact with The British Sjögren's Syndrome Association to see if they have a better idea. I will also put your question to the Cloudy research team. I will let you know if I have anything to share!



Thank you! I appreciate your help.