Hello everyone

Hello everyone

I just thought I would introduce myself and say hello :-)

I have mild rheumatoid arthritis , diagnosed after a few years of painful joints and stiffness. Because of my age the doctors couldnt decide whether it was all due to the menopause, my thyroid or actually something else. My doctor was fabulous and sent me for lots of tests but it still took a couple of knee operations to finally get a diagnosis. So here I am at 56 with relatively mild arthritis compared to some people....unless I have a flare up....fibromyalgia, underactive thyroid and some other annoying symptoms that appear to come and go!

I dont generally feel depressed as such but do feel a bit low from time to time so thought that maybe chatting to people with similar symptoms would help me to understand that I am not going mad! My wonderful husband is as supportive as he can be but I dont think he really understands completely how unwell I can feel, although I have burst into tears once or twice. I feel I should be upbeat all the time because I know I am not as bad as a lot of people but sometimes I just need to have a moan about the fact I thought I would be fit and well at my age, and yet I can struggle. I look fine and that's the problem i think?

I work part time and my work are very good at accommodating my random symptoms, and I am fortunate they have the processess in place to help me do the best I can. It's a good company.

Anyway I look forward to getting to know more, and understanding that my body isnt giving up on me just yet ha ha!

Thanks :-)


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  • Hi Carla, and welcome to this forum ☺

    I know where you're coming from with how you feel. Some of what you say is like looking in a mirror for me....scary! 😆

    But hey, it's the weekend - so enjoy x

  • Hi lady in purple

    I know you feel! I had random varied symptoms for years before it all came together when went to see rheumatologist. Why are things aways put down to 'the change' when you are a woman ??? I hope you pick up soon , maybe will get some warm weather and get some heat in our bones ☀️☀️

  • Hi Carla, I'm new to this too. I have very much the same mindset but I sometimes think it's not good for me to pay too much attention to my pain as it seems to make it worse for me! (Lol my pain is an attention seeker!) If I have a flare up I take ibuprofen & exercise on a recumbent bike which really helps. I've had this for 2yrs now & I'm 61 and fit & well apart from this. I just live in hope that one day I will wake up pain free! Best of luck 😊

  • Hi Carla,

    I have recently joined the Health unlocked forum also. I am the same age as you but have had rheumatoid arthritis and lupus since I was 20. What can I say . . . . You will have good days and bad days, days when you just want to curl up and hide from the world and days when you think you can conquer it!! Don't feel guilty when you feel down, it's normal - says me who until the past few years felt guilty about sometimes having to lie down and rest during the day!!

    Don't be afraid of any of the drugs you are offered, I've been on steroids for over 30 years with minimal side effects. I have an underactive thyroid (which I blame on the steroids) but that's easily controlled with thyroxine. I now inject 20mg methotrexate weekly a well as taking hydroxychloroquine and prednisolone. I have had many surgeries and will have many more but as long as I can get out of bed in the morning - it's a good day!!

    I whine on and on when I have a paper cut or a cold but my arthritis lives with me it doesn't control my life.

    You will cope - you have no other option but to lie down and give in so, you just get on with it :-)

    I hope I haven't scared you and I really do understand how you feel. Have a moan on here any time, we've all been there! (And still go there from time to time)

    Good luck with every thing and I hope you get your symptoms under control very quickly.

    Fi xx

  • Thanks everyone :-) Already reading your replies has made me feel better. I remember the doctor turning to me at one point saying " but you ARE getting old you know" and I was shocked because I didnt think i was old. Honesty, he could have used the word 'older' instead!! My problem is I tend to lok at all those fabulously fit and super active people the same age as I am, and older, and wonder how come I ended up a slightly stiff creaky woman of 56, lol? What's worse is that up to a year ago my 80 year old parents were fitter than I was!

    Still, I am putting myself down as I am actually not bad (I keep telling myself that until I believe it!) so being on here should put it all in perspective while hopefully getting to know other people with similar symptoms.

    Thank you so much :-)

  • I think doctors forget they will get to our age(54) sooner than they think !! I thought 50 was the new 40 LOL

  • Me too......until i got here lol. It all went to pot when i hit 50! Menopause, underactive thyroid, RA and fibromyaglia are ruling my 50th decade. Still the 60s have got to be better? Maybe my 60s will be the new 40s???? Bring on the music. (Oh for a glass of wine that doesnt make me feel like I have had a night on the tiles).

  • Too scared to have a wee glass since started on all the drug- I rattle like a box of smarties !!🌞

  • Hi ladyinpurple

    I sincerely hope that you are feeling as well as you possibly can be today? And it is wonderful to make your acquaintance.

    I am so genuinely sorry to read of your medical conditions and I want to sincerely wish you all the best of luck, and please take care of yourself.

    All my hopes and dreams for you