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What the nap apps can really tell you about your sleep

What the nap apps can really tell you about your sleep

'Did you sleep well last night? If your answer is “no”, there could be an app or a gadget that could help you with that.

But are they any good? Do they really monitor how much you toss and turn while trying to sleep? And can they help you improve your sleep time?'

Given how important a good night's sleep is for us in helping us live better with CLL, this article by Thuong Hoang, Research Fellow, Microsoft Research Centre for Social Natural User Interface, University of Melbourne and Bernd Ploderer, Lecturer, Queensland University of Technology may help you decide whether a 'Nap App' could possibly help:


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Good idea but I wouldn't need an app to tell me how badly I slept last night! :-(



Treatmentplanner app has helped many Cll patients keep their information in order and provided an easier, faster way of communicating with medical professionals.

Treatmentplanner was created by my husband (social entrepreneur) while receiving his treatment two years ago for Cll.

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When I don't sleep well, I am awake for more hours than I am asleep.

I'm with Newdawn.


I'm also with Newdawn. I have a FitBit (purchased to monitor my heart rate) but also registers hours slept, except it doesn't! It registers 'interruptions' which seem to include turning over and getting up to go to the loo. It doesn't include the 2 or 3 hours I spend lying in bed trying to get back to sleep. I am now playing a music CD and putting lavender oil under my pillow. I am feeling more rested.



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