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spleen scan

I am having a spleen scan today due to the fact that I am having pain when I eat a main meal. The consultant doesnt think my spleen is enlarged but obviously they have to double check. Of course this has meant I cant eat or drink for six hours and my appointment isnt until this afternoon. My mouth is so dry, am I allowed to suck a sweet or something does anyone know.

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I assume you can drink water - you best bet is to phone hospital and ask....we are only amateurs


thanks Quarry, I did phone them and they said I couldnt have anything at all, not even water so I will enjoy that first cup of tea after the scan very much lol!!


I just had a scan a month ago and I asked to have it without the dye. I did not have to fast. They did a CT scan and it was over in 10 min. My symptoms were pain on my left side and my results were a mildly enlarged spleen.


Thanks guys, my spleen scan went well in the end and I downed a pint of water straight after!

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