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Here's a case where GMO may be good for you!

Here's a case where GMO may be good for you!

I expect everyone is aware of how our basic foods are being modified via GMO (genetically modified organism) technology. According to this Gizmag article, an enzyme derived from GMO bacteria could soon be used to avoid the need for blood type matching:

Enzyme could make any type of donated blood safe for anyone to receive

Something to keep an eye on if you have a rare blood type and may eventually need treatment.


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Interesting research.

Wonder if it needs combining with some other technique to filter out the remaining cells that still need sorting out.



I suspect that's going to be the make or break part of this technology. As the article points out, it only takes a small amount of 'contamination' to have serious consequences and you don't really want to be struggling with an allergic reaction when your health is already at a low ebb.


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