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ASH 2013: Dr. John Byrd Discusses ONO-4059 and IPI-145 for the Treatment of CLL

Hi friends,

New drugs in the pipeline. Some will make it to clinical use and some won't. We need as many options as possible. No single drug is a home run for everyone.

My blog has the second part of my interview from ASH with Dr. Byrd on this topic.

Stay strong


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Great news Brian! Many thanks for these incredibly informative interviews and for bringing us the latests news from ASCO. Is there an estimate of how fast ONO will be approved? What would its price be? You wisely mentioned that its approval will create competition for Ibrutinib and this will drop the prices of ibrutinib.

Over here in the UK, even the clinical trials with ibrutinib get stuck in bureaucracy. NHS is already in deep deficit and saving is they way proposed to overcome it. The prospect of getting Ibrutinib approved in the UK is very low unless its price is lowered and becomes reasonable. It is the only hope to get it over here.

Again many thanks for all you have been offering non-stop to our CLL community all these years.



Thanks for the kind words. Pharma does this cost analysis that can prove that many expensive but highly effective meds really save money in the long run. An ounce of prevention, …. Not sure who buys that logic. Payers are so short sighted.


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