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iwCLL 2013: Dr. Jeff Sharman Discusses how He Approaches High Risk Patients


In the third of my conversation with Dr. Sharman from iwCLL 2013, he discusses the thorny issues of how to treat someone with a 17p del with today's changing options. We start to look at the controversial area of clonal selection.




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Interesting to hear Dr Sharman's comments on the struggle when it comes to whether to treat for patients that feel lousy yet their CLL is not progressing and that this results in a more challenging discussion with the patient. For those of us in this situation, the day can't come fast enough when newer, safer drugs remove the quandary of whether to treat with chemotherapy to help a patient feel better.

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I find this particular video very interesting as someome who felt unwell but whose CLL had not progressed but who had to just put up with the symptoms. However after undergoing chemo I still do not have this feeling of wellness that I miss so much from my pre CLL days. Also chemo has felt me with a poor immune system and chemo induced pain. Yes chemo killed the cancer but at what price?

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Jangreen, Sorry to hear you fell into this 'challenging' category to use Dr Sharman's terminology. Anyone frustrated with the challenges of remaining in W&W can learn from your costly experience. It can't be easy either, hearing patients that have gained entry to recent trials, saying how much better they quickly feel after starting on their trial.



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