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US Cancer Care in Crisis, Says IOM Report

US Cancer Care in Crisis, Says IOM Report

'The Institute of Medicine (IOM) committee concluded that the cancer care delivery system is in crisis due to a growing demand for cancer care, increasing complexity of treatment, a shrinking workforce, and rising costs.

Changes across the board are urgently needed to improve the quality of cancer care. All stakeholders – including cancer care teams, patients and their families, researchers, quality metrics developers, and payers, as well as HHS, other federal agencies, and industries – must reevaluate their current roles and responsibilities in cancer care and work together to develop a higher quality cancer care delivery system.'

View the Video here

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Hi this is being played out across the world whether it's in the USA or UK or anywhere. Sometimes it is better for the patient to have no treatment only pallative care especially when you feel you cannot face it. Nowhere in the world can we spend spend spend. Its a good video. Best wishes


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