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Daughter had a liver transplant and now has glue ear and needing grommets. Anyone else had this done?

I'm really concerned about her going under again and also the implications of once the grommet comes out and may leave infection due to immunosuppresion. Catch 22 really as it is affecting her hearing at school and she has a constant cold. Kings just say the local hospital will deal with it. The Consultant at Maidstone was really nice and said he totally understood my point of view and I am going back in May. Any advice?

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Sorry I've not got experience with my transplant child but both my neice and nephew had grommets put in their ears as small children and both did fantastically well with them. No more glue ear or infections! My sister was delighted with the results.

My transplanted daughter has been in to have her tonsils and adenoids out, about 18 months post transplant and she coped really well with the GA and surgery despite heavy immunesuppression at the time.

I think it took her a bit longer than other kids to heal as she was so run down by the time they decided to take them out but no lasting effects and no more tonsilitis :) One thing that freaked me was that she was put straight into a busy ward post op, I was terrified she'd catch bugs whilst so vulnerable, they were reluctant to put her in a side room despite being immunsuppressed but soon changed their mind when she cried for hours as she was upset in the busy atmosphere and a side room became magically available.......Maybe see if you can discuss a sideroom for recovery to limit immediate post surgical infection risks?

hope this helps,



My son Reece who is now 16 and has Alpha 1 ATD ( no transplant) had his grommets out and has never looked back.


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