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Why is this Condition so Frustrating?

Is there anybody out there as frustrated as me about getting an accurate diagnosis of inherited high cholesterol.....whatever it may turn out to be. Why does it take so long to be definitely told you have FH or FCH or even a polygenic cause. Don't doctors realise that we would really like to know or is it just me? This is especially important if you have children and you would like to know for their sake.

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I have finally had a gene test, 2 years after my initial high readings but it required a Herculean effort. After months of trawling the internet two incredible kind doctors who didn't know me from Eve put me in touch with a consultant who offered it on the NHS. I will be forever grateful to them whatever the result turns out to be. Results take from 6 to 9 months, but anyone with suspected FH in England soon learns to be patient!


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