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Answer to the question many times asked: What food to avoid!

Very interesting article, on what food to avoid!

Processed foods are driving up rates of cancer: Major study reveals the health threat including cereal, energy bars, sausages and chocolate

Eating processed food significantly raises the risk of cancer, experts have said

The disease is claiming more lives because of the popularity of ready meals

Sugary cereals and fizzy drinks also dangerous, the wide-ranging study found

Families are told to heed the warning and read food labels more carefully.

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If it doesn't grow don't eat it :-) I had a huge pan full of cauliflower cous-cous for breakfast - fried in loads of our own Olive Oil with shallots - turmeric and seasoning - YUMMY !!

Many people have always known that the Food Industry is as corrupt as Big Pharma. All about money with the cheapest ingredients without a care in the world for the health of the people.

Watching question time last evening on i-Player, someone raised a question close to my heart - BRING back Home Economics/Domestic Science in Schools to educate students about what food is - proteins/vitamins/carbs and so forth - and not something that comes out of a tin or a box.

As Hippocrates said - Let food be thy medicine - and medicine be thy food :-)


Hi Marz It was called Homecraft/Home Economics in the early 1960s - have kept all my notes - will check them out again - you know "How to launder iron and fold a tray cloth" with plenty of Victoria sponges made, crumbles, scones, pastrystuff etc. Yes savoury food prepd too "from scratch"- no time to fully cook a stew - can remember it slopping down my Robert Hirst raincoat that smelled of stew for days - the stew itself to be finished off at home! However the cooks at home, in schools, factory canteens, student live in accommodation etc - the providers were unfortunately the "sugar pushers" - hungry kids and dads lapped it up of course. Now for me everything white is off the menu - and yes I feel better and gluten has gone too - am feeling quite holy now - occasional lapses of course ie always an addict - that's bread and cakes yummy not! BTW when I mentioned that sugar feeds cancer, a lady who has cancer thoughtfully said to me "Ahh - they put in a line and fed in sugar - to see if the cancer was still alive" - presumably any live cancer cells chows down on the sugar - so now we know


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