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Anyone used PCSK9 injection ?

Anyone used Pcsk9 injection to lower cholesterol? How did they fare with the side effects??

I am very very sensitive to all meds side effects as were family before me, and cannot even tolerate many herbal products, yet no-one serms to understand or want to understand this. My ldl cholesterol is a little high and i cannnot tolerate statins or ezitimibe but now they want to give me this injection, which lasts 2 or 4 weeks, when i cannot tolerate a slow release pill that lasts 24 hours! Talk about a sledgehammer to crack a nut! I am on betablocker bisoprolol which raises cholesterol and triglicerides!!

What on earth can i do to make someone understand that i need the tiny bit of quality of life, like feeling well enough to go out once a week, and not quantity of life in bed 24/7 feeling ill ! This drug has up to 50 bad side effects.

Help or advice please. I am worried out my mind!

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In your previous post you revealed that you are hypothyroid. I suggest, as I did before, that you go to the Thyroid UK forum on Healthunlocked and give them a brief overview as to what meds you're taking, and provide all your lab results with the reference ranges, inc. vitamins etc.


Years ago before Thyroid testing came into being - people with raised Cholesterol had their Thyroids treated .... so do please make the connection and let people know if you are being optimally treated for the thyroid. I had raised cholesterol when first diagnosed with a thyroid issue - no longer. I do not wish to have cholesterol tested in the future. Cholesterol is a chemical and cannot be both bad - LDL and good - HDL HDl and LDL are proteins and carriers transporting cholesterol in and out of the liver - simplistically put :-)

The new approach is all about making money .... Please read up on Dr Sarah Myhill - her website is amazing. She says that the benefit of a statin is the same as VitD - an anti-inflammatory steroidal prohormone. Is that why the new generation of statins contain VitD ?

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Dear Patricia,

A few points you may wish to consider:

Only about 20% of your blood cholesterol is due to diet, the rest is hereditary and stress. I have tried quiet meditation and simple yoga every morning. It helped me. What continues to challenge me is a state of anxiety. When I control this, even 10mg a day or 5mg of Atorvastatin is enough. I take as little statin as required.


Thank you. Stress and anxiety big in my life too! Yes will consider yoga. My cholestetol is only borderline high anyway Ive discovreted!!! II cannot toletate statins.

No, i will refuse the offer to go on this programme today. Just hope they dont throw all their dollies out the pram!!!

But Ive got to look after me first and keep me safe from chemicals!

Going to suggest farmacogentic test???


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