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Paranoid; Moi?

Anyone with an interest in diet and health within the lowcarbohydrate lifestyle will not need any introduction to Jay Wortman. However, what's really interesting to me in this presentation is not a propmotion of low carb, but the entanglement of vested interests and the herd mentality and how trends are manipulated certainly is:


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Hi Mike,

What an interesting video and like you it was the stuff about manipulation that hit the spot. Whilst I has an awareness that vested interest individuals and groups do attempt ( and often succeed) in influencing the market, when it's spelt out, as in this case, it make me wonder whether any so say 'official guidelines' are credible.

Whilst he did briefly mention the meat industry lobby, I'm sure there are an equal number of vested interest lobbyists for low cab diet.

I particularly liked one of his first slides about the guy who said Doctors should be teaching patients how to live without resorting to taking medicines. A hundred or so years on and we are going in the opposite direction!

Personally my diet is increasingly being influenced along the lines of cavemen, in terms of what food they would be able to find/catch.

Thank you for posting the link.



There have been charlatans jumping on the low carb bandwaggon, particularly egregious are Julian Bakery:


And Dreamfields Pasta:


The good thing is that there are so many nutritionally savvy people scanning the web they are all over these scammers.

The latest was the character from Julian Bakery appearing on Sam Feltham's blog 'Smash the Fat'. Sam was blissfully unaware of his past until I alerted him. He swiftly deleted the interview.

The Atkins company was equally culpable of selling junk low carb stuff.

The bad thing is that they are all still trading:





Thank you. Follow the leader or not to follow the leader!


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