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Increasing cholesterol levels


When i had my last two tests for my levels they had increased despite being Bezafibrate medication. I dont eat a lot of red meat, diary or fatty foods. I have FH but never been to a lipid clinic. I am not due to have another test until next month or the beginning of June. What options will there be if it goes up again as I dont want to take a satin because of the chances of having more chronic pain problems than I already have.


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Get to the lipid clinic. these are the experts. more chronic pain of what kind? if you have FH you wont control your cholesterol through any other means than taking statins and it will increase as you get older. this happens to everyone FH or not.


you need to look at the big picture, the three blood numbers, BP, blood glucose and blood cholesterol. Do you know all these numbers and understand them?

Please ask your GP for a full NHS health check as a starting point for a better health, food intake control and regular health can can help to improve health.

good luck.


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