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Low Fat Low Carb?

The few paragraphs of latest research from my last post may not be ground shaking regarding current paradigms, however Googling' Effects of Low-Carbohydrate and Low-Fat Diets' brings up a lot of hits giving more details from people who have read the full article:

Some people it seems were less than scrupulous in sticking to a strict low carb lifestyle, yet remarkably their results still outshone the low fat groups.

The recent peer reviewed, meta analysis of 72 studies by researchers from University of Cambridge and Medical Research Council, University of Oxford, Imperial College London, University of Bristol, Erasmus University Medical Centre and Harvard School of Public Health. It was funded by the British Heart Foundation, Medical Research Council, Cambridge National Institute for Health Research Biomedical Research Centre and Gates Cambridge, concluded:

"In contrast to current recommendations, this systematic review found no evidence that saturated fat increases the risk of coronary disease, or that polyunsaturated fats have a cardioprotective effect".

To the embarrassment of the sponsors of the study (British Heart Foundation), who obviously were wanting to put the controversy to bed once and for all, this wasn't the result anticipated; evidenced by the recommended guidelines being limply restated.

There are lots of trickles from the dam now, and not enough fingers to plug the gaps!

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The only thing that amazes me is that despite all the evidence debunking the low fat hypothesis there are still people out there defending it to the hilt and trying to discredit anybody who dares to question it's validity.Even on this site i see people telling others to ignore any advice given unless it comes from a medically qualified professional.Listening to so called medical professionals is what has got us to where we are now with poor dietary advice and pill popping to try to sort out the effects caused by the low fat hypothesis.


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