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Cavernous angioma/malformation

Hi i am swapniI am from india my dad is auto rickshaw driver he is suffering from this serious brain decease and which very rare in this world at his brainstem

When doctor's told me about that i was so scared and afraid of losing him but my mind says u have to fight i am searching everywhere about this decease because here in india doctor's said there is no proper treatment for him

When i got this information from doctor's i am looking for abroad but i am facing big problem of money but still i am fighting and looking for money at charitable trust and i hope i will clear this money problem

But still i want so much information about proper medical treatment for him at US or Uk coz i dont wanna lose him please help us

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Hi - if you want more information then I suggest you join and It's free to join both organisations and is full of useful information and links to forums.