Cavernoma Alliance UK

Liverpool CaverCentre Meeting, 3 November 7-9pm 2014

Monday 3 November 2014 7-9pm, at Neurosupport, Norton Street, Liverpool, L3 8LR.

Join Cavernoma Alliance UK (CAUK) and benefit from a support group that can help you meet people in a similar situation

Cavernoma Alliance UK (CAUK) has been working on a regional development plan. Neurosupport is a fantastic location for England's first CaverCentre. With your commitment and time, the first CaverCentre will happen.

A CaverCentre is an international CAUK initiative which bring members together on a regular basis (the frequency of which is to be determined). A CaverCentre brings together local members to encourage information and sharing of experiences, along with creating friendships from a mutual understanding. Specialists will be invited to talk to members of the group, share their knowledge and expertise of cavernoma.

Come along, have a chat and coffee with other members of CAUK. This evening is designed to be relaxed and informal to allow for ideas on what everyone would like from a CaverCentre.

Please attend this meeting, CAUK needs your help and support. Family and friends are welcome.

Please reply by 30 October to Angela Yeomans,