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Forever changing

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life in general.

Since my problems began in 2013 with permament AF,HEART FAILURE and ,now pancreatic cancer.which was undiagnosed for 4years Could ,I ask any of you how has it change you both mentaly and physically I am a young 78,young at heart.but over time I just can't seem to gee myself up to want to do anything,I find noise ovér bearing visitors wear me out I'm all for the quiet life with my hubby.i can go along time without going out,and then it's an appointment. Maybe this is normal with age and illness,anyone got an answer for me.wishing you all well.God Bless

Poppy Storey xx

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Hi, Poppy!I think that I have a few things in common with you. About two years ago, they removed a large cancerous tumor from my liver. So, every three months, I get a CT-Scan and blood test to be sure that it is not starting to grow again. At first, I became depressed about this, and had little motivation to do more than I had to. Eventually, I came to feel that no one can say for sure that they will be here tomorrow, so why shouldn't I make an effort to bring happy experiences into each day that I am alive. I also have severe Coronary Artery Disease, which sometimes limits the amount of blood getting to my brain, and that can cause me to feel very tired. So, being careful not to stress my heart too much, I try to become more active, which often reduces my tired feelings. Also, I often try to be around people because, sometimes, watching other people doing things can make me want to do things as well.

For sure, you are not alone in feeling the way that you do. But, there may be things that you can do that would make you feel better. You might think of making yourself become more active, and try to be around other people more often. Of course, I would check with your doctor first to see what he suggests, and if there are any medications that could help you. I sincerely hope that you can find things that might improve your life on a daily basis.

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Thankyou for taking the time to contact me and what you've advised makes a lot of sense,today I've been to an antique fair,I didn't really want to go at first,but now I've been and enjoyed myself,then out for lunch after,you take care I wish you well and will follow your advise love Poppy Storey

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