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Fed up with swollen legs

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My husband has swollen legs and feet and can’t walk or mow the lawn due to breathlessness. Anyone else coping with this who can give us some encouragement?

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Hello Dusty_Trainline, welcome to you. It must be so difficult to see your poor husband struggling. Does he have much in the way of medical help? I hope he’s getting all the help he needs and I’m thinking of you both. Xxx

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Hi Dusty_Trainline, First of all, welcome to the community and thanks for your post. How difficult this must be for you. You didn't say what causes your husband's swollen legs and breathlessness and I'm just guessing that it might be heart and/or lung related.

In terms of his medical condition it's obviously important to take the advice and help given by his medical team. I do suffer a bit from swollen legs and breathlessness due to Atrial Fibrillation, but luckily in my case not bad enough to stop me doing things. I just need to do them more slowly sometimes now, so I can only imagine how awkward for you both when you need things done and it's not possible.

But I think sometimes we're too hard on ourselves and try too hard to keep everything in the order we are accustomed to, when we were younger and fitter. I think we sometimes just need to let things go a bit more and turn a blind eye to some of the jobs that need doing.

My own sister's struggling with her garden now that her husband has dementia and she's a busy carer, and too elderly to keep up with it but she doesn't want to move, so she has a local gardener come once in a while to tidy up and just has to leave the rest. Sometimes, if you have good neighbours as she does, they will pitch in and help a bit too. She doesn't like to ask her children as they have busy lives, but sometimes that is an answer. If they don't know things are troubling you, they don't offer, but will when they know it does.

It's not easy, but I hope you manage to find some kind of solution. And meantime take care and stay in touch! Best wishes!

Thanks, that means a lot x

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