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Monday round-up


Hi everyone,

For anyone who joined us over the Christmas and New Year period a very warm welcome to you, and thanks to all who took time out to post here during the days of Christmas and New Year. My own posts were a bit sporadic but this week heralds the return of my more regular Monday and Friday posts. And hoping to hear from some of you too as we embark on our new year.

I can't speak for anyone else, but I'm about as challenged as I could be, to remain cheerful as we start 2021.

After a cancelled Christmas and a probable heralding of another round of national restrictions, it seems hard to find much to be happy about. Now's the time when I guess we all have to dig deep and cling to any little thing that might keep us motivated.

The arrival of the AstraZeneca vaccine is very welcome, so I'm trying to focus on that for some rays of hope that we might eventually start to emerge from the worst of this crisis at some point soon.

I had a crisis call from my sister a couple of days ago because she was worried that my brother-in-law (her husband), with mixed dementia, was refusing to get out of bed, felt weak and sleepy and she wasn't quite sure how concerned to be. When I checked with her she said that he'd got a normal temperature so was wondering what was the reason and whether to call 111 for advice.

In the event, he did get up while we were talking on the phone, having slept much of the day away. This isn't something I have encountered before myself in dementia care (usually quite the reverse), so was advising her to call 111 sooner rather than later. I'm still not clear whether this is a known facet with dementia sufferers. Do any of our dementia carers know of this or is it likely to be something else that's going on with him? At least we were pretty clear it wasn't covid19 related anyway.

I hope that all of you are doing your usual great job of remaining strong but please remember that we are all here for you if you need a shoulder, as we go forward into 2021.

Once again a Happy New Year to you all, and let's hope that, even if things feel bleak right now, we have happier times to look forward to! 🙏

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I found my dad had sleepy days with his dementia (vascular and Alzheimer's), especially as it progressed. We need to remember that brighter days are ahead.

Happy New Year to you.

Karen x

CallendersgalAdministrator in reply to klr31

Oh thank you Karen, that's really useful to know!🙏👍


Hi Callendersgal, good to see your post on what is a miserable Monday morning. I don’t feel at all motivated and even vaccine news isn’t helping. I think its the time of year and the dire situation we find ourselves in as a nation. All the tiers have gotten us nowhere and my beloved grandchildren have gone back to school. Also, Pete’s back problem is worse.

I’m hoping your sister gets some help and support and that her husband is ok. My late mother in law didn’t generally stay in bed like that.

I’m determined to get on with life and get through the days ahead. Onwards and upwards with hopes of a brighter future for all.

Stay strong everyone and stay safe xxx😘

CallendersgalAdministrator in reply to sassy59

Hi sassy59, please don't take this the wrong way but I'm quite happy that you seem to be feeling much as I do. I sort of feel I'm letting the side down by allowing myself to get grumpy, but there really does seem to be very little to be glad about right now. I'm also so sorry to hear about Pete's back being worse. Please give him my very best wishes and hopes that it will resolve a little for him soon.Interesting about your late mum-in-law, as that's the previous experience I've had too. Sleeplessness and restlessness. But klr31 has helpfully said that her late dad had times like my brother-in-law too, so I guess this might become a feature sometimes now. Take care, and my thoughts are with you all. It's worrying to think of the children going back to school, I agree. Keep safe and rest assured that there's at least one 'grump', (me), to keep you company in feeling a bit lost! 👍🙏🤣🔆🌈 xxx

sassy59Ambassador in reply to Callendersgal

You’re not grumpy at all and it’s understandable to have down days. Karen’s reply was very helpful and reassuring so that’s good.

Pete’s taking things easy but I’m encouraging him to move around a little too. He’ll be ok in time I dare say.

Can’t wait for the vaccines to really take off as they will help to a degree. There are brighter days ahead and I’m looking forward to them.

Take care all and hugs to anyone who needs one. Stay safe. Xxxx👍💖👍❤️

You have every right to feel grumpy due to the current situation!

Yesterday I was feeling despondent over job hunting and what helped was to have an early workout this morning which helped a lot!

CallendersgalAdministrator in reply to catgirl1976

It's really great that you have found the way to get over your disappointments through exercise! 🙏👍

Happy new year to all.Like you Callendersgal I am finding it a bit tough lately.

Sometimes it's hard to be posative.

However,I think we will see a lot of changes as the year goes on and in the meantime we have got to find ways to get through the days as best we can.

We will get through this and happier days are coming.

CallendersgalAdministrator in reply to Lynd

We will Lynd. That's why HU is so helpful. We can all support each other! 🙏

Happy new year 🎆

sassy59Ambassador in reply to FearIsALiar

And to you. Xxx🤗

I want to drink started caring for sick sister

CallendersgalAdministrator in reply to Dogmad600

Caring for someone else is a huge challenge Dogmad600. Sorry to hear of your challenge with alcohol. When you are ready to reach out, please do, especially to any organisation which is expert in helping with alcohol. Wishing you well in finding a path forward, both in caring for your sister and in finding a place where you will feel happier without alcohol.

Hi there to you all from another one in the dumps! The other morning I just sat on the sofa, read through our Christmas cards from family and friends and burst into tears, although I don’t cry very often. My husband was quite shocked but understanding. So sorry to hear of everyone else’s problems but they make me realise we are all in miserable similar circumstances!

I received a call at 8 am on Christmas morning to tell me my sister was back in hospital after another fall in her care home. She is still in hospital but we can never get through on the telephone as they are so busy! We tried to be cheerful on Zoom with the family on Christmas Day and didn’t inform them about my sister until after Boxing Day as didn’t want to dampen their Christmas spirit!

My grandsons can’t return to school today and my son and daughter-in-law are working from home and teaching them again in turns under a lot of pressure like many other families. My eldest daughter has returned to her job in a Care Home today and is really frightened which is unusual for her. She said they tested her as soon as she walked in. She is waiting for the vaccine. My other daughter is 8 months pregnant and high risk and I feel so useless as can’t be with her in person for our chats so just the phone. I worry about her and the babe every day as she lost her first baby. Another young life to be born in lockdown. 🙏

Well! Please God there will soon be a turning point as so many people are worse off and I have just started my new diary for 2021 and had a good read of the 2020 one and then dumped it in the bin! Not a year I wish to look back on with fond memories. Half the old diary was empty or had sad emojis. 🥲🥲 Take care, keep safe and keep smiling xxx

CallendersgalAdministrator in reply to Goldenanny

Hi Goldenanny, I think there are quite a few unaccustomed tears out there at the moment and I'm sure it's just as well to be able to let out your emotions. I'm glad your husband was empathetic. Not all men do well around visible emotion. What a fabulous idea to dump 2020 diaries. I gave up on mine from last year as the first lockdown started. It shows I am no Samuel Pepys as I'm sure the dedicated diarist would want to keep a record of the year, but all I want to do is forget it.

I think that although it's hard, a national lockdown is preferable to all being in different tiers, but I guess we are all completely fed up with all restrictions, so I'm hoping that this one will bring down covid19 (in conjunction with the vaccine rollout), so that we can soon emerge from this dreadful way in which we are all having to live.

Meantime please be kind to yourself, and I hope that you and all of your family will remain safe. xx

The days are geting longer - you can't see it in the morning as things go a bit off balance in January but you can see it at night with it still quite light here at 5. The wonderful thing about that is that there no no malice and no incompetence and no failure on the part of humans which can stop the spring coming


Absolutely FredaE, and isn't that the most wonderful of thoughts? Thanks for reminding us of it! 👍🌈😊

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