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Hi I'm a 53 year old carer for my 90 year old mother in Coventry who has Alzhiemers. I had to give up my job as a Teaching Assistant to look after her full time as myself, my husband and my 13yr old daughter live with her in our original family home. The Alzhiemers Society are very helpful but on the subject of the house they were unclear from a legal point of view! ? Also I am unclear as to how I would be able to go about getting a private pension or, does the DWP pay my stamp? Now that I am no longer employed. Does anyone out there have any advice or personal experience of these issues please? Thank you in advance.

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  • Have you got Power of Attorney over your mothers finances? Are you registered as a carer for your mum? I would suggest a visit to the Citizens Advice Bureau. They can help or will know where to find out for you. Also chat to Care for the Carers. they are very helpful.

  • Yes I have power of attorney and get careers allowance. We are now in year 4 of diagnosis so all relevant things done to date. But I will look into carers for carers as I'm registered at our local carers centre. Thank you for your reply

  • Class 1 credits are automatically paid when you are getting the carers allowance.

  • Yes your stamp is paid automatically when you get carers allowance.

    If the family home is in your Mums name then you may have a problem later on if she had to go into care it would go towards the payments.

  • It was but I've had that legally sorted but that has been my major worry along with taking care of my mum.

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