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regarding Chemo cycles

my mother underwent a surgery for removal of fibroid. then the doctors realized that there was a sign of cancer and they recommended to take chemos for complete recovery and protection. initially we were told that we will need only 3 chemos and then there will be some kind of test. after we started, they told us to take full cycle of 6 chemos and and a test after 3rd chemo. and noe that her 3rd chemo is over, they are saying the don,t remember saying anything about the test after 3rd chemo. we are thinking about taking second opinion. please help.

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Please go to Tata Memorial Hospital, Mumbai for the best possible treatment with minimum cost. I have a very good experience as to their service. Go to their website for full information and move forward. Wish your mother a speedy recovery.


You should request specific details about the presence and type of cancer as well as type of chemotherapy given before we can give any suggestion.