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My fight with lung cancer (round 2)


I joined this community a little while ago, but I don't think I've ever posted here. I think most of my posts have been on Free to Breathe.

A little background: I had squamous cell lung cancer upper left lobe 4 years 9 months ago. I was very lucky, it was caught early and removed surgically. Last month it was confirmed, new lung cancer nodule, this time in the upper right lung. Thoracic surgeon thinks it's a new cancer instead of a return, but we won't know for sure until surgery and biopsy.

I am still waiting to get cleared for surgery. Had a PFT this past Wednesday, having stress test tomorrow, seeing cardiologist Tuesday, praying he clears me for surgery because I'm not crazy about plan B, radiation treatments. This thing took 11 months to grow 5 mm, but then it picked up speed. It grew 4 mm in 3 months.

I am terrified, I want it gone before it has a chance to metastasize.

The weird thing is that I suddenly find myself wanting to color my hair. Problem is, it's already thinning (hereditary, I was told) and I am worried that coloring it may just accentuate the thin areas. But I really want to color my hair, maybe go auburn or purple or blue. :)

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Hi Katherine,

I am glad that you have joined us. As you know this is a group that is fairly new, so we are just finding our feet.

I do appreciate your sharing your story, given that you are an experienced THIVER I want to invite you to feel free to respond as you see fit.

Like you, I am a multi-cancer Thriver, my current number is five primary. So far only one has recurred and is metastatic (prostate). However, I have been metastatic for 12 years and feel that I have at least another 12 a head of me.

I believe that you should go a head and color your hair. If it will make you feel better and not hurt anyone else, than GO FOR IT.

Please let us know when you do get cleared for surgery and when you have it.

By the way, love the Tat and color your hair before the surgury.


KatherineK in reply to JoelT

If I decide to color my hair, it will be before surgery.

Thank you, I only have the one. It was a birthday gift from my son, he has a ribbon that says keep breathing Mom, my ex-daughter in law has the same, and 2 of my granddaughters have the tat.

I will let you know about the surgery as soon as I know.

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