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Has anyone experienced the following ?

I have autonomic and peripheral neuropathy and almost everyday I experience the following : i feel like I am completely drunk (but I don't drink and haven't for over 20 years) and I get to the point where I cant stay awake, I feel like I am so drunk I am just about to pass out...I usually fall asleep for a couple hours. My doctor has no idea what it is so I was wondering if anyone else has experienced something like this ? If so what is it and is there anything you can do for it?

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I have diabetic neuropathy myself... It's not easy...

It almost sounds like you're going into including shock... Are you on insulin?

Perhaps your body is producing extra insulin?

I know someone who does that... It's kinda the opposite of diabetes! ... She gets cranky and irritable , and when I get insulin shock my blood sugar goes low and the acetone the body produces makes you feel intoxicated!

Check you're blood sugar when it happens!


How can you check for extra insulin? I'd do it but it's not safe.


Thanks for your reply Palomineo...I have checked my sugar during a number of these spells and my levels are always very well, usually between 4.5 and 6. It seems to be caused by something else.


I have both. One is othrostatic hypo heart.. and hyper as well. I pass out from low BP and it my heart beat is too fast especially when I am reclining. Sometimes my BP soars. It's not fair.. it's nearly impossible to treat me. I am taking meds up to 5 times a day without a lot of success. I did stop passing out but I always feel like I will. I must move slowly and get up very slowly. It came on fast. Neuropathy used to make me sleep like that. I can't sleep anymore. My clock is all messed up. I sleep 10 mins up to 40 mins a night and my body says no more. I don't know how that is. My body is functioning. I walk drunk. The medicines that I take for it make me uncoordinated. I am thirsty. I take 19 pills, an infusion, 2 injections daily in hopes that it will go away but no luck yet. I have another EMG coming up in Sept. I won't want to even see that one. I've had some "attacks on my nerves" since. . I am hurting very much because of all of this. mostly physically - then close enough financially. I tried so many things to remedy this. Can anyone help us? Mayo has reached out to try to help. Nothing has been successful o far.


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