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What does it mean to be diagnosed with chronic pain sensitization? What are the long term effects of this condition? Anyone have same as me?

After suffering with this for 7 years i discovered that i have this condition also chronic pain from the area at L4/L5 disc that i damaged in an accident at work. The impact of this damage and getting more nerve pain/back pain over the years has affected my life so much. I have lost my job, am house bound most of the time, limited distance i can walk, need help to wash and dress, lost my dignity, lost my past life. I feel i have had to start my life over again because of what has taken away from me physically and mentally.

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A SHORT TERM SYMPTOMATIC RELIEF ONLY:repeat short term immesiate relief solution :A COMPASSIONATE,CARING,COURTEOUS REIKI MASTER IN CANADA may B approached and ask/ request

21 days reiki treatment,,,,,WISHING YOU RELIEF.kailadiyer


Thank you for your advice, how would i go about this?


astoneham:::IN INDIA we have a number of REIKI MASTERS, WHO GIVE HEALING TREATMENT.I am sorry I

have no information re the REIKI MASTERS in CANADA.. U may enquire with likely sources ay your end. WISH TO REPEAT THAT THIS IS A COMPLIMENTARY STEP which I found helpful in my case.wishing you will get a contact in CANADA. AND RELIEF SOON.kailadiyer.


astoneham-----have come across two RIKI MASTERS ' MOBILE NO::O9719227860 & 9322522595--BOTH r IN


wishing you relief.


Thank you for your advice, i will definitely consider this as an option. I am currently waiting to do onto a cognitive behavioral course which seems promising, it will teach me a different way of life.



it is painful to note that you are totally dejected with the disc problem which has made you inactive and making you face odds.Pl inform me whether you are having disc prolapse or the disc at L4 L5 is diplaced whether it is impinging on adjacent sensitive nerves.

i am a naturopath and i have given relief to one gentleman with cervical spodylitis and disc prolapse at L4 L5 after 2months of alternate treatment avoiding surgical intervention to remedy the condition Now the gentleman is mobile and rides even a Motor Cycle!

- the one who was to be assisted by his wife for toilet and getting up from his bed etc Any way let me guide you from india and i am sure you will be back to actve life in due course of timeMuster up cofidence Wising speedy recovery Ratnasabapathi 9443176633 India


I feel your pain and certainly sympathize as all my issues also started exactly as yours did..with a back injury in the exact spot you have yours and now the pain is everywhere. Back, neck, shoulders, knees, hands, feet. I am without an income right now and my dr, does not seem to believe in the severity of my condition. Nor do a lot of family or friends. I am sorry you have lost so much....just know that there are ppl here who are going thru what you are so if nothing are not alone


It would be safe to say that I too have the "feeling" of that because anything

touching my skin from the knees down hurts me so much. Wearing shoes

is not fun for me at all. (socks too) cold floors are a bummer..I can't seem

to get relief either so you are not alone in this fight. the big toe, tops of my

feet are very numb to the knee. I feel for you. Did some work with a Reiki

master, I was the one that felt worse after just a few so I left it.


Yes, I meant that I am sensitive to touch. The feeling of my clothes pressing into my side or legs is excruciating. I feel like a walking bruise who is constantly being poked. My entire body aches ALL the time. I feel like my neck is carrying a cinder block and even carrying my purse feels like a 50 lb weight. It kills my hands and shoulders. I cannot sit for more than 30 mins on a good day without pain shooting down my legs, or walk or stand for that matter. I have headaches 4 out of 7 days, and the exhaustion and lack of sleep, just totally insane. I feel like I am losing my mind. NO ONE understands and my family doctor, forget about it. I'd get more support talking to the missing child's pic on the milk carton. I am off work now and on EI sick benefits, but when that runs out I have no clue what I am going to do. My doctor asks me after I tell her time and time again about what is going on, "so who is keeping you off work"? Are you serious...I feel so alone. They say do not stress cos it makes things worse. Tell me how you are not supposed to stress when everyone treats you like a freak.


I made a reply to another question and mentioned the NIH in the USA in addition to the other adjunctive suggestions mentioned which I support.

I wish you the very best,



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